Yeast Pitching Experiment Update 1.1

Took another refractometer reading today and looks like the underpitch is catching up. I am also at the point where the refractomer is going to be fairly useless to determine accurate gravity readings… so will leave these alone now until next week. At that point I would expect terminal gravity, and additional settling. I tasted the samples since I was able to get fairly clear wort at the top of the jugs.

  • Batch A | Half Pitch: 7.75 brix/1.010 SG – sample has a slightly sweet taste with a yeasty bite. Comes with some hop character with a lemony/lime citrus character. This still should drop a bit more and settle.
  • Batch B | Control: 7.5 brix/1.008 – sample is at or very near terminal gravity after 3 days. Less sweet than A, but less complex. Definite yeast twang, but some light hop flavor, touch of citrus
  • Batch C | Double Pitch: 7.25 brix/1.007 – Strong orange citrus taste and aroma, a bit sour taste – definitely seems yeast related.

Clearly the brix conversions are dodgy, I hesitated to post them, useful only as data points on progress – those are not “accurate” gravities. We will assume at some point in the coming week we will hit terminal gravity.

Next steps:

  • Leave these alone until Sunday, 9/15, check and leave alone for another week (2 weeks total primary).
  • 9/22, Determine if terminal gravity has been reached, and once it has…
  • Careful gravity measurement before packaging, cold crash, fine & documentation, some observation and tasting notes pre-package
  • Packaging with corn sugar for bottle conditioning
  • Bottle conditioning for 2 weeks
  • 1 week or so of lagering in bottle
  • Blind tasting

This should put the experiment results out to end of October or early November.



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