Patience grasshopper…

“The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.”
― Leo TolstoyWar and Peace

You know Leo never had a beer in the fermenter struggling to hit the last few gravity points, or sitting in a keg carbing up. Time and Patience… things I throw at new brewers all the time and the ONE blasted thing I have so little.

I racked the HWHAPA2.0 into corny kegs this morning. Didn’t take a gravity reading like I should. Still could, but do I really want to know that this finished so high? I know it reached 1.017, but should have gone a lot lower. Fricking BRY-97 stalled out completely, even with a temp bump into the 70’s. 2 packs of S-05 brought it down a bit… but I need the fermenter for this week.

I am extremely anxious to have this compared side-by-side with V1… and my friendly local brewer seemed to enjoy it. Still this is a lot of late hop character – really should tell in the nose and the glass once V2 has cleared up.

The bit in the polypin has been a bit of a flop- can’t get the condition right. Hope it brightens up a bit – hate to have completely flat cloudy beer. Taste is spot on though.

So, Patience is required. Time is required. All in good time. Meanwhile I have a tripel to plan out.

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