Pale Ale V2 Update… well it’s stuck

Not feeling so good now about my Houston We Have a Pale Ale Part Deux. Fermentation has stalled at 1.020, well from the expected 1.014 FG. I actually expected better than planned fermentation as the last batch stalled at 1.017. With the new water profile and such good conversion and break, I expected BRY-97 to tear right through this, as it was doing – it went from 1.061 to 1.030 in less than 24 hours.

So this morning, raised the temperature (70F) a bit and tossed in 2 rehydrated packets of US-05, and about a cup of DME with some yeast energizer (boiled, of course) into the beer. Keeping fingers crossed that this will at least bring the FG down a few additional points.

Was hoping to keg this on Monday. Looks like it needs at least another week.

Edit: Monday, down to 1.017. Will keg this but reluctantly. Time to brew again and I need the fermenter space!